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Welcome to In 4 Sweden !

In4Sweden sells fun and special products from Sweden and the other Scandinavian countries.

Whether it concerns wonderfully warm woolen blankets & plaids, hip & retro crockery, bird houses, dishcloths or Leksands crispbread; all products have one thing in common, they all come from Scandinavia.

We hope you are, just like us, in 4 Sweden!

For more than 20 years we are real Sweden visiters. It began with a tentatively agree to go north instead of the "standard" south. The prejudice that the north is colder and wetter than in the Netherlands was immediately extinguished. That summer was one of the hottest summers ever!

In addition, Sweden has major advantages over (holidays to) the south. Sweden is a vast country with an extensive road network. It is a relief to drive there. The landscape is very different and varied, the sweet southern stands in sharp contrast to the rougher mid-west or emptier north. Nature in Sweden is still largely unspoilt and with a bit of luck, you can just stand face to face with a moose!Heart for Sweden

Sweden is a country with ancient traditions that are still alive, but Sweden is also a very modern country, with a large number of (industrial) designers.
The Swedes themselves are initially reluctant, but after getting to know them they are really friendly. The Swedish language is somewhat different, especially the pronunciation of the different sounds and accents. But if you can talk a little swedish they think that is great!

Most people know Sweden from Pippi Longstocking and Nils Holgersson, Ikea and the many lakes. But Sweden has much to offer for both the adventurous and the luxury traveler.

In short, there is enough to be in 4 Sweden! Sverige vi älskar dig!

Harry, Yvonne, Wout, Sascha

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